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Deploying interactive digital technologies, Kindle Creative is a 21st Century production studio. We create branded programming, preferred shopping destinations, exceptional guest-consumer experiences and innovative revenue streams for our clients through new WebTV channels. Our mission is to go beyond classical advertising models and guide clients as they create their branded story across multiple platforms.

Kindle Creative adds video content for client companies featuring brands, online portals and services in order to:

▪ Increase user-engagement
▪ Develop new lines of revenue
▪ Improve brand image and effectiveness
▪ Create interactive purchasing via IPTV channels and mobile apps

Kindle Creative makes branded entertainment easy and award-worthy. With over a quarter century of production experience in film, commercials, infomercials, news and reality TV, we use best-in-class technology and feature some of the most talented storytellers in the entertainment world.

TECHNOLOGY PARTNER: Major League Baseball Advanced Media

MLBAM is a full service solutions provider delivering world-class digital experiences by distributing content through all forms of interactive media. MLBAM designs dynamic functionality for web, mobile applications, and connected devices while integrating live and on-demand modalities. Kindle Creative's partnership with MLBAM creates a powerhouse team in the digital marketplace.


Kindle Creative's suite of digital marketing solutions is fully customizable. Our award-winning creative and production team envisions and delivers solutions for all digital experiences including web sites, mobile web and applications, connected devices, marketing campaigns, and social media.

Service sectors include:

▪ Branded entertainment creation
▪ Full service production and post production
▪ Social media & marketing
▪ Sponsorship & advertising
▪ E-commerce & paid content
▪ Multimedia & live streaming
▪ Mobile web & applications


Using technology hosted by the most successful names in the IPTV space, Kindle Creative gives brands and retailers along with current clients such as Boehringer Ingelheim, Netflix and MLB, customized white glove service featuring live and video-on-demand branded programming.

▪ QVC-style programming promoting services and products

▪ Brand TV series, documentaries, reality, sports and news programming

▪ High-speed, interactive streaming with 'click to buy' capability

▪ App development, device integration and infrastructure

▪ Analytics and data collection

▪ Monetization and ad sales support


▪ Greater customer engagement and brand loyalty
▪ Expanded outreach to existing and new customers
▪ Head-of-pack placement in the IPTV market building race
▪ Larger market share and greater revenues
▪ New lines of revenue (merchandise, advertising)
▪ Improved retargeting and up-selling from meta data algorithms and matricese on the right side. Also this block has no paddings.

"New streaming and interactive technologies now allow real-time access to video everywhere. This combined with the trends of brands moving marketing in-house and branded programming on IPTV promises a bright future for companies that understand the enormous potential and ability to out-perform competitors. Of the three segments in the US pay-TV market, the IPTV sector is enjoying the most growth, especially in urban areas where it is luring subscribers away from satellite. "

- Erik Brannon, analyst for U.S. television at IHS.

"Connected TV use is growing significantly: Connected TV for video viewing use jumped from 30 to 35% in the past year. Growth is driven evenly by the adoption of Smart TV sets as well as by additional consumers integrating Internet-connected devices with their TV sets. In all, 47% of TV users say that they have connected a TV to the Internet or an Internet-connected device for the purpose of viewing some type of content online."

- YuMe for Frank N. Magid Associates Video Entertainment study 2012

Examples of existing branded entertainment channels:

QVC, a cable, satellite and broadcast network specializing in home shopping reached $112 million in its first full year of fiscal sales. Currently it broadcasts worldwide to 290 million homes. In 2013, QVC generated $8.5 billion in sales. In 2012, 22% of their sales came from mobile platforms.

Home Shopping Network (HSN) is a $3.3 billion interactive multichannel retailer. HSN now reaches 95 million homes (24/7/365) and is the industry leader in transactional innovation. In 2003, single day sales topped at $30 million for the holiday season..

Kevin McCafferty
Chief Executive Officer

Kevin McCafferty is a media entrepreneur with seasoned understanding of market growth analysis in the broadcast world. McCafferty has extensive broadcast and media experience and comprehensive knowledge of current and emerging media technologies. He has spearheaded several independent film and broadcast startups, is a founding partner of Mobile Video Productions which was formed in 1988. He created Kindle Creative in 2010.

At the launch of the broadcast cable expansion in 1980, McCafferty oversaw the development of many national brands' syndicated programming, a few of which have become institutions in the modern broadcast landscape including, "Portraits of America with Hal Holbrook" Cable News Network, Atlanta, New York; "A Current Affair" for 20th Century Fox; "20/20" (ABC/Disney); "Real Life with Jane Pauley" (NBC); "Day and Date" (CBS Syndication); "The System Court TV" and "Fox Files" (20th Century Fox); and "ESPN Classic."

Recent credits include: Commercials: "Bally's," "Cleveland Cavaliers," "McDonald’s," "Blue Cross Blue Shield," "Pringles," "NY Post Television," "Rescue Me Roundtable," "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart," "Repomen," "ESPN Classic," "We TV," "America's Next Top Model," "ESPN Monday Night Football'" "Borgata," "ZBrand Jeans," "Caesar's," "Uniontown," "Callaway Golf," and Promos for ABC Sports Superbowl and HBO. feature film: FOREIGN EXCHANGE (Universal Studios release). Kevin is an I.A.T.S.E." and Local 600 member.